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How Khaphela will leave Generations

For those of you who did not know, Khaphela will be leaving Generations in early December after being on Our Soapie for 10 years. The show will not quite be the same with him in my opinion but life must go on! The interesting thing now is, how are they going to factor in Khaphela’s […]... Read more

Lesson learnt: Do NOT get dumped in public!

Firstly, I would like to apologise for the silence and lack of activity on Gens Blog for the last 2 months. I am glad to say that WE ARE BACK! There has been sooooo much happening on Our Soapie over the last couple of weeks that it would take me all day to get up […]... Read more
Hehehehehehehe wow Noluntu must be feeling really crappy after she witnessed Jason and Senzo declaring their undying love for one another in front of her. Knowing her she probably thought she was dreaming until they sealed it with a wet sloppy kiss eeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwww LOL. She has put in so much effort to be with Senzo […]... Read more
Well well well who would have ever thought that one day tables will be turned and it will be Khapela hurling insults at Khetiwe while she begs for his attention and love. It has finally happened and Khetiwe thought she could manipulate Khapela by reminding him that it was their anniversary and she wanted to […]... Read more
I think Sarah must be so happy that her plan is going exactly as she wanted and now Zodwa even went to get Mpilo from Khetiwe’s flat as she said Khapela is too upset and seeing Khetiwe would make it worse. Yho Khetiwe did not take it lightly and she went on about how Khapela […]... Read more
Sarah’s plan is finally coming out in the open when she revealed to Zodwa her niece why she came to Johannesburg. Zodwa was not at all pleased but I must give Sarah a round of applause as she managed to somehow convince Zodwa that marrying Khapela will be the best thing. I am not sure […]... Read more
You would have thought Jason would simply move on after discovering that Noluntu is pregnant with Senzo’s child but well it seems their love is much stronger than this. I do not know what Noluntu is thinking but I think she is fighting a losing battle and if she thinks she will win Senzo over […]... Read more
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