Thank you all for entering the RCS Competition.

We are proud to announce that the winner of a home entertainment system valued at R5000 is Theesan Vedan from Cape Town.

We asked Generations fans what they would get for R5000 and why, Theesan said:

I wrote a poem for the competition, ENJOY

For me, this prize will be like an early Christmas,
And I wrote a list that is one hundred lines long.
I decided to share some of my wishes,
of possessing gadgets so advanced that I’ll be nicknamed ”Hong-Kong.”

Thanks to the RCS card and 15000 stores- I could get the devices I need,
Maybe a DSTV PVR decoder and a Samsung LED TV,
For the PVR decoder I especially plead,
so that I can record Generations when I need to take a wee.

I’ll be able to watch my favorite character Queen,
in all her glory, even after these many years,
she will light up my new Samsung 32 inch TV screen,
with her usual laughter, drama and sorrowful tears.

With great variety at stores such as Musica, Look and Listen and Dion Wired
and even more mouthwatering gadgets at Hi-fi Corp, Coricraft, Makro and Game,
it took me all morning to browse through catalogues and I even perspired,
Choosing just two, was just such a shame.

I use a bunny aerial to get a picture on my current screen and it is a chore,
You have to move it around to watch a show,
The picture quality is terrible, at it’s best- you can say it is poor,
For the last few years I thought Generations was shot in the snow.

So a HD TV and a PVR decoder to record my favorite show,
I simply cannot wait.
I’ll probably overuse my newfound gadgets, though,
and I’ll blow every fuse in the Western Cape.

If you’re spending your days in darkness,
and you can’t play a video game,
I’m apologise for the trouble;
it’s probably me, and not Eskom, who’s to blame.

daphinerue said:

ooops l think luntu is pregnant with senzo’s baby can’t wait to see but l hope it is thaT WAY

ooops l think luntu is pregnant with senzo’s baby can’t wait to see but l hope it is thaT WAY

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