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Guys sorry for not updating you this week but anyway here goes Guys I must say I cannot wait to see the look on Swazi’s face when Jason is going to tell her that Senzo already knows about their night of passion and he is ok with it. Only thing is that Jason does not […]... Read more
Caleb ever since he found out about Noluntu and the David Lukhele saga has been avoiding her and only after stone convincing from Mawande he spoke to her. She cried (oh boo boo) and he vouched to get Swazi for messing with the wrong family. Noluntu was not pleased with the fact that her mum […]... Read more
Well now that Queen has accepted Steve’s proposal Steve wants to do it the right way BUT how can he ask Queen how many cows she thinks she is worth like REALLY??? I think she was taken aback a bit and that’s when she told him to just forget the whole lobola thing and just […]... Read more
The smile on my face when Senzo told Phenyo how after only being a Dlomo for like a week and now he thinks he is the top dog, eish wow. It serves Phenyo right considering the fact that even though he knew Senzo resigned from Memela he advertised the post and wanted to interview seno […]... Read more
It seems as though Phenyo Managed to push Senzo into leaving Memela media and joining Ezweni. I am not sure how Phenyo is feeling at the moment but from what he said about him(Phenyo) being business minded and Senzo the creative it seems he thinks he will run Ezweni in the near future. Jason is […]... Read more
Eish guys up to now I am still feeling embarrassed for Noluntu , I mean all that effort, red roses and to top it all up a nice red hot number yho. When Senzo showed up and they started kissing I was really hurting for Jason cause it seemed as though he was into the […]... Read more
I am not sure why Dineo thinks she is all that and a bag of chips but yesterday she got a really good awakening. Ruby had invited Phenyo and Dineo for Dinner and Xolani appeared calling for his sweet cakes. When Phenyo insisted he joins them Dineo got upset and told Phenyo it was going […]... Read more
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