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Does Dumisani ever learn? The sangoma made it clear to him that he should stay away from women or else the muti that he gave him will not work. Dumisani knew this but he could not help but be forced to ‘make love’ to Khethiwe last night. Dumisani did try to turn Khethiwe down, but […]... Read more
If there is one person that really makes me laugh when I am watching Our Soapie, it is Dumisani! Now he has been suspended from work he resorted to going back to the sangoma and asking him for help. The sangoma gave Dumisani somemore muti which will hopefully ‘sort out his life’ and get him […]... Read more
Dumisani’s world seems to be crumbling around him and I feel he deserves all he is getting! Last night he was summoned to the boardroom by an angry Sibusiso and Dlomo told him that he is suspended with immediate effect for publishing Khethiwe’s pictures. I really enjoyed that scene! And when Queen came into Dumisani’s […]... Read more
The drama on Friday night had to be when Khaphela stormed into Dumisani’s house with Khethiwe’s gogo. So now we know that Khaphela had gone to KZN to tell Khethiwe’s gogo what her grand daughter was getting up now. In the end she demanded that Khethiwe leaves Dumisani’s house and she goes back home with […]... Read more
I never thought I would see the day that Sba hits someone! If there was ever going to be only one person he would hit in his life, it had to be Dumisani! I have not enjoyed an episode of Our Soapie in a long time like last nights. Firstly, I think it was wrong […]... Read more
I had a good laugh on Friday night when I saw Dumisani dressed up in his scarf and beenie as he broke into Khaphela’s flat! What was the guy thinking of? I was so hoping that someone would walk into Khaphela’s flat and catch Dumisani as he was looking for the SIM card Ephraim gave […]... Read more
Finally, the relationship between Dumisani and Khethiwe is ‘over’, this after Dumisani asked Khethiwe for a break so he can sort his life out. I do not know whether to say well done to Dumisani for doing this or has he seen that it is better to break up with Khethiwe before she finds out […]... Read more
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