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Guys I must say things are getting really heated up, yesterday Jason asked Senzo if they could go out for some dancing and Senzo decided to invite Noluntu who gladly agreed to tag along. Sometime at the club some guy kept hitting on Noluntu and Senzo decided he should rescue her and he kissed her […]... Read more
Guys like I was saying yesterday I was so happy that Jason sold the rights to the documentary to Mawande and thus set Akhona free from Khetiwe’s conniving grip. The look on her face when Jason said it was simply priceless and I am glad she will not be getting her way for a change. […]... Read more
Well well well I think you should have seen the smile on my face when Sibusiso approached Jason and told him point blank how his life will turn sour if he breaks his son’s heart. I personally hate the fact that he is even looking elsewhere and he makes it so obvious. The thing I […]... Read more
Jason is one of the few people I know who get to have their cake and eat it as well, in other words enjoy the best of both world. He has a great thing going on with Senzo and just when all seems to be calm and stable Noluntu steps in and starts confusing things […]... Read more
Well so far everything seems to be going well for our characters because Akhona has finally landed a job as a waitress at Tsalanang (thanks to Senzo) and she seems pretty excited though we can’t say the same with Nicholas who was not for the idea of her working there. He seems to be having […]... Read more
So Paul is not dead! How boring! I had thought that he would have shot himself and we would have had some more drama on Generations and we finally could have moved on with this boring story line of Paul not telling Dineo that he is dying! Paul still can not tell Dineo the truth […]... Read more
Good morning bloggers, I had the pleasure or ‘unpleasure’ of watching Generations with my aunt last night who is getting close to 60 years old. She is a very traditional black woman and as we sat there watching the scene at the end of last nights episode when Jason just walked into the flat and […]... Read more
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