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Miranda was back on our screens on Friday night. Ajax invited her out for coffee so he could tell her about the STI. Miranda was thinking that the date was all because Ajax wanted her back and the two were going to kiss and make up. When Ajax told Miranda that he has an STI […]... Read more
Many of us were expecting a lot to happen in last nights episode, especially with the pill saga between Sarah and Khethiwe. Khethiwe is still insisting that she will not take the pill and Sarah is still begging her to take it. It looks like Sarah is not going to get her way this time […]... Read more
Ajax is in a mess, that he created himself and he can’t seem to get out of it. I have no idea what has gotten into his mind, not so long ago he was over the moon about Keketso. He even went for an HIV test with her to show how serious he was towards […]... Read more
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