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Well now that Queen has accepted Steve’s proposal Steve wants to do it the right way BUT how can he ask Queen how many cows she thinks she is worth like REALLY??? I think she was taken aback a bit and that’s when she told him to just forget the whole lobola thing and just […]... Read more
The smile on my face when Senzo told Phenyo how after only being a Dlomo for like a week and now he thinks he is the top dog, eish wow. It serves Phenyo right considering the fact that even though he knew Senzo resigned from Memela he advertised the post and wanted to interview seno […]... Read more
Well Phenyo met with his estranged father as well as his family who were shell shocked to discover that he was a relation. JB was over the moon and could not stop bragging to everyone about how a successful person his son is and that “JB has a son”. Sibusiso who is always thinking about […]... Read more
Wow JB is very excited that he has a son and he was singing happily over breakfast and then announced to Sibusiso, Senzo and Jason who were surprised and wanted to know more. He then met with Phenyo’s mother and demanded that he meets with his son Lawrence as he would like to introduce him […]... Read more
It turns out that Phenyo is really JB’s son and I am not sure who was more gobsmacked by the revelation between myself and JB when Phenyo’s mother made the announcement. Phenyo really wants to meet his estranged father and as fate would have it they nearly met but missed each other by a few […]... Read more
The plot thickens folks because now it turns out that Phenyo’s father was a guy by the name Lawrence Dlomo and using my wild imagination all roads are pointing to Jabulani as he is nomadic and with his charm I am sure he managed to hit it with Phenyo’s mother. Phenyo slept at Dineo’s place […]... Read more
The look on Phenyo’s mother’s face said it all, and she did not need any explanation because it was obvious what had happened the previous night. Dineo quickly left and Phenyo try as he did to convince her that nothing happened she knew he was lying. Dineo was really humiliated by the whole incident and […]... Read more
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