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Eish guys up to now I am still feeling embarrassed for Noluntu , I mean all that effort, red roses and to top it all up a nice red hot number yho. When Senzo showed up and they started kissing I was really hurting for Jason cause it seemed as though he was into the […]... Read more
Well well well, Queen has clearly chosen Steve and yesterday they were enjoying each other,s company in his hotel suite. I feel though that though she picked Steve there are qualities she loved about Lungile which Steve does not have, like the fact that Lungile has a great body, cooks for her and liked watching […]... Read more
Jason and Senzo broke up and if you ask me they were both being unreasonable and were not trying to listen to one another. Senzo even ended up running to the arms of Noluntu and she gladly comforted him and they ended up sharing a hot steamy kiss (much to Noluntu’s delight, if you ask […]... Read more
Guys I must say things are getting really heated up, yesterday Jason asked Senzo if they could go out for some dancing and Senzo decided to invite Noluntu who gladly agreed to tag along. Sometime at the club some guy kept hitting on Noluntu and Senzo decided he should rescue her and he kissed her […]... Read more
Who would have known that of all the eye candy floating around the generations set, Noluntu would pick the one who is not into girls. What got me thinking though was the fact that Senzo claims that he has never been with a girl, so as Noluntu rightly put it “if he has never been […]... Read more
The look on Noluntu’s face when it was announced that the Fatale gig had been clinched by Dineo despite all the hiccups was priceless. After all the fuss she was making over the clothes she must wear for her victory night yho it really serves her right, evil does not pay at all (I hope […]... Read more
Senzo obviously doesn’t know where his bread is buttered and has decided to stay with Mawande all to Sibusiso’s dismay. Sibusiso even told him how when he was unwell he felt he needed to build his empire with his son but this all seemed to fall on deaf ears as Senzo is hell bent on […]... Read more
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