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What is going on now between Jason and Senzo is not helping their relationship. Relationships are built on trust and there is no longer that trust between the two of them after Senzo lied to Jason about Mashaba Ads. The two of them have been trying to patch things up but you can see that […]... Read more
Good morning bloggers, I hope you have a great weekend. I missed Thursday and Friday’s episode’s of Generations so I had to watch the omnibus on Saturday. I had a good laugh when I saw Senzo acting drunk. I have never rated Senzo as a great actor and his drunken acting just underlined to me […]... Read more
These two must be the most talked about couple on local South African television today. Generations really took a bold step by introducing an openly gay black couple onto the show. All along, people had not been used to openly seeing a black gay couple and now they have one on the most watched show […]... Read more
They do not come more ruthless than Kenneth Mashaba! Senzo tried to quit his job after he could not take Kenneth anymore and all his antics and Kenneth told Senzo to look at his contract and the clauses that were in it. If Senzo were to quit he would not be able to work for […]... Read more
What has Senzo gotten himself into now? Senzo has been so desperate to get Mashaba Advertising off the ground and he resorted to asking Kenneth to help him show him the ropes. So Kenneth did just that and he set up a meeting with Splashy Swim wear which is a client of New Horizons. So […]... Read more
Why oh why does Senzo not listen? It was pretty obvious from the moment Kenneth gave him a job at Mashaba Media that Kenneth had a plan up his sleeve. Does Senzo honestly think he is a marketing genius ? Kenneth is just stringing him along and making him feel good and it has gotten […]... Read more
One of the fans sent us this email today and I thought I would share it with you and hear what you guys have to think about what they say: Hi there, I am a very loyal generations fan. I have been very patient with the “Senzo” character (person who portrays the character) and I […]... Read more
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