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I said it, I mean how stupid can Sibusiso be and how insecure is he that he can do such a bad job. He could have waited a bit till all this tension had died down and pretend he was cool with Jason then order the hit. Now its so obvious except to the one […]... Read more
Yho I did not know that Sibusiso was as ruthless as they are making him turn out to be. After trying to convince Jason, having him followed and going through his room and not finding anything he has resolved that the only way to deal with the situation is to Eliminate Jason for good. It’s […]... Read more
In as much as I support Sibusiso I really think is treated Jason unfairly and as such, the Memelas are taking advantage of the fact to get back at Sibusiso. Jason wanted to tell Sibusiso of the latest development but was chased like a dog from Sibusiso’s office and by the look on his face […]... Read more
Haaa guys you should have seen how I nearly jumped off my seat when I saw Sibusiso, yho its been too long hey. Sibusiso mara no he just waltz in, no hello just bellowing about how things have fallen apart (typical). He then went to speak to Jason and as much as Jason tried to […]... Read more
Well Phenyo met with his estranged father as well as his family who were shell shocked to discover that he was a relation. JB was over the moon and could not stop bragging to everyone about how a successful person his son is and that “JB has a son”. Sibusiso who is always thinking about […]... Read more
I can just feel the disappointment the Memelas must be feeling in their hearts after Sibusiso revealed that Mzwanele was actually a spy. They had spent all these years thinking their son died for a worthy cause only to have that bubble blown by Sibusiso in an instant. The truth of the matter is that […]... Read more
The look on Noluntu’s face when it was announced that the Fatale gig had been clinched by Dineo despite all the hiccups was priceless. After all the fuss she was making over the clothes she must wear for her victory night yho it really serves her right, evil does not pay at all (I hope […]... Read more
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